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How is Skrilly's SEO Course Different?

Skrilly’s SEO course helps build a robust, holistic understanding of various aspects of Search engine Optimisation (SEO); from individual functions such as On-Page SEO, Technical SEO & Off-page SEO to a broader understanding of how search engines work. 

The course also explores several parameters that affect the webpage rankings on search engines such as Google, the 200+ factors that affect SEO rankings, along with a unique way to remember them!


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Importance of SEO and Skrilly’s SEO Course

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Listen To What Our Skrillian's Have To Say!

The course is simply great, the videos are highly interactive and engaging. Also, the unique approach to explaining difficult topics really helps understand and remember important parameters affecting SEO!
Vasundhara S
I had already done an SEO course through a very well reputed Offline media school, but your practical approach and real-life scenario exposure is simply great I would recommend this course over any offline course.
Pranjal V

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