Importance of SEO and Skrilly’s SEO Course

Why is SEO important? If that question is still on your mind, look no further – read on and know about the different aspects and types of Search Engine optimisation, it’s importance and how our Course will provide you with a practical learning experience, helping you become an SEO Expert! 

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine optimization is the process of gaining more traffic to your websites by constantly ranking for relevant searches on Google’s SERP’s OR Search Engine Ranking pages.

Why Learn SEO?

While the internet was an important tool till early this year, for businesses all across the world, with the Pandemic wreaking havoc on all businesses, and lack of movement or ease of access to businesses, the Internet is a platform bigger than it ever has been! Businesses selling grocery, banking institutions, medical consults, gaining education – everyone is struggling to get online, and adapt to this unprecedented situation! 

In these times, SEO becomes a lucrative skill to have – from startups to Fortune 500s – every company’s brand perception and revenues are directly affected by how easy or difficult it is to find their products & services online, with COVID induced problems various companies that have neglected their digital presence thus far will also have to start establishing a brand presence online.

Search Engines were created for one primary purpose which was to make it easier for users to find relevant content online easily, with this motive complex algorithms now power search engines! These algorithms have evolved considerably with time and today the biggest search engine Google claims that they evaluate upwards of 200 factors whilst deciding SERP spots, however through our SEO course you will realize that instead of remembering these 200 factors you just need to remember these 3 major parameters–

a. Content quality

Quality content has always been and will always be the main reason for success on search engines like Google. Search engines, therefore, have incorporated many factors into their algorithms, evaluating which they can verify the quality of content on a particular webpage.

b. Customer Experience

Search engines want to ensure a good customer experience not only on their interface but also on the websites that a user might be redirected to from search engines like Google.

c. Search engine interpretation

As SEO professionals, there are several steps we can take to ensure that search engines understand and interpret our content correctly.

In our SEO course, we explore these 3 major parameters in detail and further understand how SEO professionals control various aspects of their websites to ensure that the above 3 factors are fulfilled.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is all about creating the right technological infrastructure in order to ensure online success, it includes all the changes SEO professionals can make on their websites. 

Majority of these changes help control 2 of our 3 major parameters namely: Customer experience & Search engine interpretation

What is on-page SEO?

On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing your website content and user experience(UX) in order to ensure the following–

1- Visitors find exactly what they are looking for– MATCHING USER’S SEARCH INTENT

2- The content is high quality, easy to consume and helpful– CONTENT QUALITY & READABILITY

3- The user knows exactly what to do and where to navigate to find what they are looking for– PLACING USEFUL CTA’S–Call to actions4- Using the most relevant words so as to ensure your content is discoverable online– KEYWORD STRATEGY

On-Page SEO directly affects all 3 of our major parameters namely, Content quality, Customer experience & /Search engine interpretation

What is off-page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is a process of increasing your company’s online presence outside of your website, it includes Company profile pages on various websites, Social media pages, Google business pages, Guest Blogs, and most importantly Backlinks.

What are Backlinks? Backlinks are simply incoming links from a webpage, for SEO success the more the number of backlinks you have the better as Search engines consider these backlinks to be a vote of trust for the content on a particular webpage and use them to verify the content quality for a particular webpage.

Off-Page SEO directly affects 2 of our 3 major parameters namely, Content quality and customer experience

What are Keywords?

One of the most important elements of SEO are Keywords, put simply, any word that your target audience can potentially use whilst searching online can be a keyword for your company.

These Keywords are very important for 2 reasons–

1- Search engines use Keywords to understand user’s queries

2- Having understood the query search engines use keywords to associate relevant content and display the same to the users

Therefore, if your content does not contain relevant keywords you will never be able to rank on search engines like Google.

Why Skrilly’s SEO course?

Skrilly’s SEO course is the only self-paced, online course that focuses on practical learning. We constantly expose you to real-life scenarios and equip you with all the necessary skills needed to succeed as a search engine optimization professional. The unique approach to this course’s content makes it easy for you to understand and easily recall various SEO concepts whilst our assignments and case studies ensure that you learn how to analyze data in order to take well thought out decisions for your company’s digital presence.

In this course, you will be exposed to a simulated environment wherein you will be the SEO professional for an e-commerce company called Bluefox and you will experience their digital journey from a startup to a household brand name, at the end of each module the assignments you answer will formulate Bluefox’s SEO strategy for the upcoming months. Moreover, at the end of the course you will be made to answer 3 different case studies, 2 of which are for company’s operating in different domains namely–

1- Techguru: A Tech blog

2- Edukat: An ed-tech company

Introduction to Skrilly

This practical exposure to different business domains will help you become a well rounded SEO professional.


Like all our courses with this SEO course, we intend to ensure practical learning online, our support team, industry mentorship and peer to peer learning will further enhance your SEO skill. To know more about our courses visit or write to us

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