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Search Engine Optimisation

Become an SEO Expert, today!

This course helps build a robust, holistic understanding of various aspects of Search engine optimisation; from individual functions such as On-Page SEO, Technical SEO & Off-page SEO to a broader understanding of how search engines work.
We will also explore various parameters that affect your webpage rankings on search engines such as Google and share our unique way of remembering 200+ factors that affect SEO rankings without the need to memorise any of them.
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Our Approach To Simulated Learning
practical learning
Practical & Experiential Learning
We hate theoretical learning as much as you do! We make learning as relatable as possible, and help you engage in critical thinking, acquire problem solving skills and engage in decision making.
Real-Life Problem Solving
Exposure to real life scenarios faced by experts globally! Our course is created with the faith that challenge and experience followed by reflection and application leads to learning and growth!
problem solving
simulated learning
Simulated Learning
Experience skill development through simulated learning! Go beyond "reading and learning". With us, you experience and learn! Gone are the days when skill development was a classroom-imparted knowledge.
Why Skrilly
get career ready
Get Career Ready
Our courses equip you with skills essential for success!
engaging content
Highly Engaging Content
Our highly engaging content ensures you never get bored!
24 7 customer support
24*7 Customer Support
Our experts are available around the clock to answer any queries you might have

Certified By Skrilly

Complete our detailed courses and be certified by Skrilly - this certification implies your expertise in the domain and helps you establish your expertise and knowledge, easily. Learn the practices and strategies of the world’s most successful strategists and professionals! We not only help you develop your skills and knowledge but also help you understand and use all the marketing tools to take or start your own freelancer work or launch a new career!
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